November 21, 2011


Cargill commits US$10 million to expand GrainFlow receival sites


To expand a number of its GrainFlow grain receival sites in Australia, Cargill, Incorporated has committed over AUD10 million (US$9.98 million) to increase performance and capacity in time.


"With the prospect of a good Australian crop this harvest we have made the commitment to spend AUD10 million (US$9.98 million) to expand a number of our GrainFlow grain receival sites and purchased new grain handling equipment in time for this year's harvest," said Ralph Selwood, managing director, Cargill Australia. "This construction is expected to increase capacity in the GrainFlow network from 3.12 million tonnes to 3.45 million tonnes."


GrainFlow has also committed to expand its fleet of mobile grain handling equipment to provide additional drop off points for farmers and improve turnaround times during what is expected to be a busy harvest. GrainFlow has also invested in additional canola receival equipment and has added ten grain receival sites that will take canola for the first time, the company said.

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