November 21, 2008


Reduce buffer capacity of piglet feed
Inhibits bacteria growth
Enhances the conversion of pepsinogen into pepsin
Enhance nutrient digestibility
Improve animal growth performance
Perstorp launches ProPhorce AC 250

Feed additive company Perstorp has introduced new acidifier product ProPhorce AC 250.


The unique properties of the ProPhorce range are united in this new product, Perstorp said, adding that the product is easy to handle and is cost-effective.


A dry, non-corrosive product, AC 250 improves feed acidification and boosts feed conversion.


The product is able to inhibit the growth rate of pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli, which will benefit gut health and animal performance, said Perstorp.
Perstorp also said AC 250 is can reduce the pH of feed and therefore contributes to the reduction of the buffer capacity of feed.
AC 250 enhances the conversion of pepsinogen into pepsin, a major enzyme involved in protein digestion, and can stimulate the release of endogenous pancreatic enzymes to improve nutrient digestibility, said Perstorp.

In addition, AC 250 is also able to optimise the electrolyte balance to enhance live weight gain and reduce leg problems in growing animals, as well as improve efficiency in feed utilisation, according to Perstorp.

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