November 21, 2008

Japan seen as stable market for Australian beef

Despite the ongoing global financial crisis, Japan is seen as a reliable trade partner when it comes to Australian beef exports.


In the first 10 months of 2008, Japan imported 305,774 tonnes of boneless beef, down 2.8 percent on-year, but that accounted for 40 percent of Australian beef exports, according to official data.


In October, Japan imported 30,406 tonnes, down 8 percent on-year.


However, the overall results are seen as relatively positive given the current world economy situation, and Australian beef exports to Japan are expected to hold firm in the months ahead.


"The Japanese market for Australian beef has shown remarkable resilience throughout this unprecedented period of financial uncertainty," said David Palmer, managing director of marketing concern Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd., on Thursday (November 20, 2008).


"Australian exports will hold firm in the coming months as we ride out this perfect storm in financial markets," he said.

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