November 21, 2008

India develops inland farming technology for tiger shrimps

Indian scientists have developed an inland saline water technology for the farming of tiger shrimps.

The technology will allow farmers who want to produce tiger shrimps but are situated far away from the sea.


This technology proves that shrimp can be commercially farmed in inland saline waters with cost-effective ionic management, said VK Sharma, a scientist from Mumbai-based Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE).


"Tiger shrimp do not survive in raw inland saline waters due to ionic difference with sea water," Sharma said.


Tiger shrimp is sold at Rs 250-260 (US$5.04-5.21) per kg in the market, and it dominates India's seafood exports.


CIFE, working under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, successfully farmed tiger shrimp in inland ground saline water at the institute's Lahli-Baniyani Fish Farm near Rohtak, Haryana. Tiger shrimp seed were acquired from Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, and stocked in two identical ponds of 0.25 hectares for four months in 10 ppt salinity.

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