November 20, 2023


Aviagen Asia Pacific strengthen connections at Vietstock 2023 in Vietnam




The Aviagen® Asia Pacific team recently demonstrated its commitment to Vietnam's poultry market at the 11th edition of the Vietstock Expo and Forum, the country's premier feed, livestock and meat trade show.


Taking place on October 11-13 in Ho Chi Minh City, the event provided a dynamic platform for industry leaders and stakeholders to exchange insights and advance poultry farming in their region.


Aviagen'steam valued the opportunity to connect with local farmers and showcase their diverse portfolio, including the Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brands of quality breeding stock, the company said. This broad selection plays a key role in enhancing the competitiveness of poultry producers in Vietnam and across Asia Pacific, enabling them to offer the right bird for the right market.


Aviagen representatives discussed with Vietstock attendees how, by "Breeding Success Together," they can strengthen the health, welfare, efficiency and performance of their birds. This effort ultimately contributes to profitability, supporting the success of their businesses.


Central to that success is a strong emphasis on bird welfare and sustainability. Aviagen birds consistently excel in welfare and sustainability traits, encompassing robust health, high livability, adaptability to various weather and growing conditions, and superior feed efficiency. These traits go hand in hand to ensure the ability of local farmers to feed their communities with nutritious source of protein while preserving the planet for future generations, Aviagen explained. 


"We are dedicated to serving our local customers and business allies," said Larry Blackstone, brand manager of Ross Asia Pacific. "Vietstock is an essential platform for us to connect, listen and learn from our valued customers. It allows us to demonstrate our commitment to their success and to the poultry industry as a whole. By actively participating in events like Vietstock, we reinforce our position as a trusted champion for the local poultry industry, striving to provide innovative solutions and unmatched support."

- Aviagen

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