November 20, 2020
Giordano Poultry Plast: Continuously innovating the poultry equipment supply manufacturing industry

Giordano Poultry Plast is a leading global equipment supply manufacturer for the poultry industry. Founded in 1962 and still operated by the Giordano family, the company operates not only in the breeding field but also in slaughtering and transport, creating high-tech plastic products and components made specifically for the poultry industry.
eFeedLink speaks to Oscar Giordano, chief executive officer of Giordano Poultry Plast to learn about the company's unique products, gather his insights towards the company projects and international expansion strategy, as well as their outlook towards sustainability practices.
1.   Some of Giordano's key products include the automatic innovative feeder solutions Twist (for chickens) and Polyfeeder (for geese and turkeys), as well as Giordano's poultry and egg transport solutions. Could you tell us more about the advantages of these products compared to others in the market? Do share with us other key products you wish to highlight.
Giordano broiler Twist feed pan is composed of onlythree parts. This minimises the risk of breaks during the assembly and disassembly of the product.The feed pan is very flat, permitting easier access to the feed in the very first week of life of the birds,the most delicate and sensitive for the animal. This way, the chicks don't need to enter the pan to get to the feed, preventing possible bacteria contamination onto the feed.
The main innovation of the pan is the specific design of the under-bell cone, having the shape of a lemon squeezer and permitting a full sanitation of the whole pan. This can bedone anywhere without the need of disassembling it, even the most remote areas. This is a big advantage especially for countrieswhere the labour cost on the final product price is still an issue.
Oscar Giordano, CEO of Giordano Poultry Plast
The Polyfeeder geese and turkeys feed pan is a complete solution that can be used for day-old to slaughtering age. It has been adapted to the needs of the users according to the animal growing phase. Currently, it is difficult to find a similar single feed-pan in rhe market that encompasses all the different requirements needed in the different growing phases of geese, ducks, or turkeys.
2.   We note that Giordano executes major projects for poultry customers. Please tell us more about the process that Giordano goes through with its customers to evaluate their needs when embarking on such projects.
Giordano is highly specialised in the manufacture of plastic products specifically designed for the poultry and eggs industry. As for farms, we manufacture products such as automatic feeding and nipple drinking lines, as well as plastic flooring slats specifically for broiler chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks. As our products can be easily assembled and are built with extremely high reliability, they can be conveniently included in a turn-key project.
Therefore, we have established a good network of dealers and agentsall over the world who have chosen our products and included them in their offering of major projects. Our task is to provide the best solution according to the specific needs of the customers, so the study of the specific requirement coming from the field plays a big role in the process of preparation of a fully customised offer.
3.   What is Giordano's international expansion strategy for its products? What are some of the company's other export and service activities in Asiaand what can customers look forward in the near future?

At the group level, Giordano has long been pursuing a global development policy. This is achieved through a structure of production sites distributed in Europe, Africa,Asia, and North and South America. At the same time, the commercial organisation is being structured following the growth dynamics of the various poultrymarkets in the world.
In this context, Asia represents maybe the most challenging market currently for Giordano. This is because of the Asian market's high potential but at the same time we facemassive competition daily in our promotion and sales activities. At the moment we can count on a manufacturing facility in Malaysia from where we are able to supply products from the Giordano Poultry Plast range. This includes the live birds crate Piedmont Coop 97x58x27 cm, the Jumbo 1.0 Egg Trays (suitable for the collection of medium-large chicken eggs), and the broiler plastic flooring slat 50x100 cm.
We also stock at the facility almost the entire range of Giordano products. This facility is a hub from where we can ship out samples and small amounts of products to prospects and customers before accepting orders in larger quantities.
4.   How has COVID-19 affected Giordano Poultry Plast and its customers' operations, and (if so) what has the company done to overcome the challenges caused by the pandemic?
Since Giordano's business is directly linked to the food supply chain, our overall business has notsuffered particularly significant impacts. However, the company has introducedstringent safety measures within its production sites for the priorityprotection of our employee's health.
Giordano continues to monitor the pandemic to adequately adapt itsactivities. With regard to the company's relationship with its customers, we have implemented a series of tools and a strengthened communication programme since the first few months of the crisis, which aims to keep in constant contact with our customers especially now when movement is restricted.

5.   What can customers look forward to from Giordano especially when it comes to the company's sustainability measures (such as its use of recyclable plastics) and its actions to address changing market conditions?
Quality, innovation and sustainability are the basis of Giordano's vision and represent the guidelines that have characterised our actions in the last few years, as weintend to pursue them in the medium-long term. This philosophy finds concrete realisation in our business choices.
From a qualitative point of view, in the poultry equipment production, the company's primary choice remains that of using virgin materials, which ensure a superior economic life of the products.
Innovation is also important: Giordano products can be obtained by integrating various additional components with specific technologicalcharacteristics into the plastic materials used, which broaden the range of use and the level of performance. Besides increased durability and resistance,our products include antibacterial additives. This is a significant step forward in the control of hygiene conditions on the farmand of finished products.
Sustainability is also held in the highest consideration, starting with the choice of using electricity obtained from non-fossil sources. This isusedat the Giordanoheadquarters in Italy. We are prepared to move on to the possibility of obtaining some products using recycled plastic material.
For the years to come,the use of plastic in compliance with the good practices of its use and recycling at the end of the life of theproducts, represents the most responsible choice from an ethical and economic point of viewcompared to many others alternative materials. This in full compliancewith the expectations and evolution in the sensitivity of customers and consumers.

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