November 20, 2008

ASEAN shrimp production seen to grow well until 2010


ASEAN shrimp production will grow well until 2010, contributing to a 6-percent increase in world shrimp production in the 2007-2010 period, said international fishery group Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA).


ASEAN countries that would have good growth in shrimp production were Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, said GAA President George Chamberlain.


Besides the three ASEAN nations, China's shrimp production is also expected to grow well while output from Bangladesh and Pakistan would be less favourable.


Indonesia will continue to be the second largest shrimp exporter after Thailand, shipping about 80,000-100,000 tonnes to the US, said Chamberlain.


However, Chamberlain warned that global shrimp prices would fall in the wake of the financial crisis due to declining demand.


Meanwhile, chairman of the Shrimp Club Indonesia (SCI) Iwan Sutanto said the government needs to implement policies to protect domestic producers from the retreating world shrimp demand.


The government should launch shrimp promotions and explain to importing countries that Indonesian shrimp products are safe, according to Sutanto, adding that Indonesia could take advantage of the growing distrust in China's food products, which have had repeated contamination scandals.


Sutanto further said that the government needs to lower fuel prices or provide fuel subsidies for shrimp farmers to increase competitiveness.

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