November 20, 2008


Cuba recycles pork by-products to create a safer Cuban countryside.


Cuba recycles pork by-products such as pig droppings to create a safer and cleaner Cuban countryside.


Pork production has comprised the largest segment of Cuba's food industry since the 1980's. For the vast majority of Cubans, pork is part of their everyday diet.


Raising pigs, however, can carry with it significant ecological and sanitary dangers.


With this project, Alternatives and its partner, the pork industry's Research Institute are aiming to improve the living conditions of rural Cubans by installing bio-digestion systems that recycle pig droppings.


This produces two important secondary resources: organic fertiliser for agricultural production and biogas energy. With nearly 200 families taking part in the states of Havana, Matanzas and Pinard el Rio, this program responds to many needs.


It allows for the disposal of a potentially noxious product while offering an alternative energy for cooking and organic fertilizer that increases soil richness without chemical contamination.

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