November 20, 2003



EU Adopts Reshuffle Of Wheat Import Quota


The European Commission has officially adopted the opening of part of the tariff rate quota for imports of low- and medium-quality wheat that was previously reserved for imports of non-U.S. and non-Canadian wheat to include the U.S. and Canada, the Commission's Official Journal said Wednesday.


Previously the import quota totalling 2,981,600 metric tons was divided into three subquotas, one for non-U.S. and non-Canadian origin (2,371,600 tons), Canadian origin (38,000 tons) and U.S. origin (572,000 tons).


However, due to a much lower-than-expected harvest in the Black Sea region for the 2003-04 marketing year, exports from the region won't be sufficient to fill the first subquota until the quota closes on Dec. 31.


Due to a sharp fall in E.U. cereals production "which cannot be offset by other forage cereals" the Commission decided to reshuffle the tariff rate import quota in order to ease supply tensions on the E.U. grain market, which have been felt particularly by the animal feed sector, the Official Journal said.


The regulation enters into force Nov. 20.