November 19, 2020


BioMar-Tongwei joint venture plant in China gets BAP certification



BioMar's joint venture with Tongwei - a plant in Wuxi, China - has received a Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) certification, with trout and turbot as the certified species.


The certification came shortly after the May inauguration of production facilities which BioMar is involved in. The facilities produce feeds for high-end aquaculture species both of freshwater and seawater types as well as popular local species like largemouth bass and large yellow croaker.


The Wuxi plant is a greenfield project by BioMar and Tongwei. The modern facility achieved its BAP certification this month in a relatively short time, according to BioMar.


BAP is managed by the  Global Aquaculture Alliance.


"Global Aquaculture Alliance is doing a great job in China, (working) with value chain partners to promote sustainable and healthy aquaculture to consumers, which is very aligned with our commitment to the Chinese aquaculture industry. That is why we decided, even before the completion of our feed plant project, to go for BAP certification," said Alan Xiaoqing Qian, general manager of BioMar Tongwei.


"We believe in contributing to transforming the local farming practices for (largemouth bass and large yellow croaker)… with BioMar's global R&D knowledge combined with European know-how… This is in line with the Chinese government's initiative to improve environmental standards for aquaculture."


"We believe we have established a good business in China through a combination of local production and imported products. We are serving traditional customers as well as customers striving to bring new value propositions to retailers and end consumers. The Wuxi factory will allow new possibilities for customers with advanced product requirements through all production life stages," said Carlos Diaz, CEO of BioMar Group.


- BioMar