November 19, 2019


China's Agriculture Ministry launches investigation on unauthorised African swine fever vaccine use


The ministry will investigate the production, sales and use of illegal African swine fever (ASF) vaccines by farmers in the country, reported Reuters.


This follows reports of at least three illegal ASF vaccines being used on millions of swine, with reported side effects causing farmers to suffer massive losses.


While there are several international institutions currently developing an ASF vaccine, there are no countries that have approved an ASF vaccine for use.


The increased use of unauthorised ASF vaccines will make it difficult to eliminate the disease as different illegal vaccines were given to different swine, making it difficult to segregate swine that may or may not have been treated with the vaccine, said Zhang Guihong, professor of veterinary medicine from South China Agricultural University.


In September, China's Agriculture Ministry has warned farmers and producers to stop the use of unauthorised ASF vaccines on swine, produced in the country or imported from overseas.


-      Reuters