November 19, 2008

Dairies in Indian state of Gujarat invest on new cattle feed to raise milk yield


With demand of milk on the rise, milk procurement is the biggest challenge for milk cooperative unions in Indian state of Gujarat.
Dairies are now making use of latest bypass protein technologies to enhance milk production.


Most dairies in the state are now either mulling manufacturing facilities or are expanding production of cattle feed based on bypass protein technology.


Through bypass protein technology, cattle feed is coated with chemical compounds which helps in protecting the protein in the feed from protozoa and bacteria present in cattle's stomach. Using this technology, cattle gets more protein and as a result gives more milk.


Palanpur-based Banas Dairy and Himmatnagar-based Sabar Dairy will be setting up a cattle feed plant which will be equipped for manufacturing of normal as well as bypass protein technology-based cattle feed.


Godhra-based Panchamrut Dairy is increasing its manufacturing capacities of both normal and bypass protein cattle feed.


RS Patel, managing director of Panchamrut Dairy says that the dairy manufactures 40 tonnes of bypass protein cattle feed at present and the results are overwhelming. Although, the product costs a rupee more than the normal variant, farmers now prefer it.


Anand-based Amul Dairy is reviving its production of bypass protein technology-based feed after 6 months.


Farmers will benefit with the cattle feed as they will be able to earn more. A farmer, who is using 2 kilogramme of normal cattle feed and getting around 4 litres of milk, may get around 5.5 to 6 litres of milk using the new technology based feed in same quantity, sources in the industry said.


Parthi Bhatol, chairman of Banas Dairy said that Banas Dairy wants to start manufacturing bypass protein cattle feed plant. At present, they are in the process to set up one more cattle feed plant of the capacity of 500 tonnes per day in association with National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). They also aim to manufacture bypass protein technology-based cattle feed in the plant. The plant is expected to come up in next 1 year.


Rajkot-based Gopal Dairy, which is considering setting up a regular cattle feed plant, also intends to manufacture bypass-based feed, said Govind Ranparia, chairman of the dairy.


Bhupendrasinh Solanki, chairman of Panchamrut Dairy said that they started manufacturing bypass technology-based protein cattle feed in 2005 with an initial capacity of 20 tonnes per day, which they are scaling up to 80 tonne per day. Given the rising demand for the feed, they have to increase the capacity again within next 2 years.

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