November 19, 2008

Heilongjiang to spend RMB 17.8 billion in agricultural machinery


Heilongjiang Province, one of the biggest grain production bases in China, plans to spend RMB 17.8 billion to buy and upgrade agricultural machinery so as to increase the grain production capacity.


The provincial government decides to add 10,000 large-power tractors from now to 2012, and make over 90 percent of field works finished by machines. These actions are expected to increase the province's grain output by 5 billion kilogrammes.


Heilongjiang is the largest producer of grains for commercial trading in China. Now, its integrated mechanization rate of agriculture has reached 71 percent, the highest among all provinces in China. It produced over 40 billion kilogrammes of grain in 2008, including 70 percent flowing in market.


The province has set up 158 operating areas for modernized agricultural machinery and gradually replaces the traditional farming model and small agricultural machines with the large and advanced ones. In a provincial program, it will pour about RMB 17.8 billion to enhance the contribution rate of agricultural machinery to grain output increment from 35 percent to 40 percent.

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