November 19, 2008


Russia Jul 1 - Nov 11 grain export volume about double on year


Russia exported between the beginning of the current marketing year July 1 and November 11, 9.084 million metric tonnes of grain, comprising 8.098 million tonnes of wheat, 979,000 tonnes of barley and 7,000 tonnes of rye, the agriculture ministry announced Tuesday (November 18).


The amount of grain exported to date is about double the quantity exported in the corresponding period of the previous marketing year.


Between November. 1 and November 11, grain export totalled 413,000 tonnes, of which 369,000 tonnes was wheat and 44,000 tonnes was barley.


Grain export in October was 2.445 million tonnes, comprising 2.194 million tonnes of wheat, 249,000 tonnes of barley and 2,000 tonnes of rye.


In September grain export was 2.962 million tonnes, made up of 2.63 million tonnes of wheat, 332,000 tonnes of barley and 4,000 tonnes of rye. Grain export in August was 2.371 million tonnes, of which 2.183 million tonnes was wheat and 188,000 tonnes was barley.


The Russian agriculture ministry expects this year's grain harvest to be 95-100 million metric tonnes and grain export in the 2008-2009 marketing year to be 20-25 million tonnes.


In 2007, Russia harvested 82 million tonnes of grain and exported in the 2007-2008 marketing year, July 2007-June 2008, 12.754 million tonnes of grain.

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