November 19, 2008

Grain output in Henan refreshes record


The grain output of central China's Henan province will reach 53.7 billion kilogramme this year, up 1.25 billion kilogramme or 2.4 percent over the previous year, refreshing record highs for five consecutive years, according to an investigation taskforce of the National Bureau of Statistics.


Henan's grain output accounts for 1 tenth and wheat output makes up 1 quarter of China's total production. This year's rich harvest of the province helps to increase the country's grain supply and stabilize grain market.


The outputs of summer and autumn grain will total 30.6 billion kilogramme and 23.1 billion kilogramme, respectively, up 0.665 billion kilogramme, and 0.585 billion kilogramme correspondingly over last year.


Henan plans to raise grain production capacity to 65 billion kilogram by 2020.

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