November 18, 2022
Beef, chicken, and fish shortage expected in Israel

Israel could face a shortage of beef, chicken, and fish due to a strike by the country's Health Ministry's food service veterinarians demanding higher pay, better conditions, and additional manpower, Jerusalem News reported.


The ministry said the veterinarians’ strike is illegal and is was working to find a solution with them.


The heads of the Association of Veterinary Doctors in Israel said the strike is planned to continue, so long as the Health Ministry prevents an organised meeting with them to discuss the low pay and the conditions of the veterinarians on strike. This includes the issue manpower which is decreasing from week to week.


Dr Michael Ettinger, chairman of the association of veterinarians in Israel, said that the country's Health Ministry was alerted to the manpower problem a few months ago.


Ettinger said the association cautioned that there are only 13 veterinarians in this unit. He said these are too few veterinarians to work on the many assigned tasks.


Ettinger said that three vets have already resigned due to the circumstances.


He apologised to Israel's food importers as the importers are unable to release food stuck at ports. He also urged the importers to testify publicly about the veterinarians' situation.


-      Jerusalem News

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