November 18, 2020


Brazilian egg producer opens UAE office, eyes regional expansion


One the largest egg producers in Brazil, Katayama Alimentos, opened an office last month in Dubai, UAE, and is looking to expand in the Middle East and Asia markets, Brazil-Arab News Agency reported.

The São Paulo Investment Promotion Agency (InvestSP) assisted in the effort, which also includes an office in Shanghai, China. "The goal is to build a relationship with local authorities to break into new markets and to canvas for prospective leads," Grupo Katayama commercial director Gilson Tadashi Katayama says.

The Middle East market accounts for a fifth of the company's international sales. The company has been exporting raw eggs to the UAE since 2009.

Adds Katayama: "We have been going to ports in Abu Dhabi and in Jebel Ali, Dubai to see the facilities, the available services and infrastructure that make the UAE a logistics hub not only for the Gulf countries, but for all other countries [in the Middle East and Asia]."

However, despite being in business for 80 years, the company currently exports only 1% of its output, and it's looking to change that. "The initial goal is to export 10% of output. That would mean revenue in the US$7.5 million range," Katayama shares.

To achieve that, the company is targeting a threefold increase in production within five years.

Katayama further shares that the COVID-19 pandemic meant that securing supplies became a major issue in countries that import most of their food needs, as with the UAE.

"In our post-Covid 19 vision, food security will be much more relevant and important to the strategical policies of several countries, and Brazil will be one of a few countries in the world that are able to meet humanity's growing need for food products. We're on the right track."