November 18, 2020


70,000 more chickens to culled in Germany after bird flu detected on another farm


A spokesman for local German government authority Landkreis Rostock said type H5N8 bird flu was detected at a farm near Rostock in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, with up to 70,000 poultry to be culled, Reuters reported.


The spokesman said preparations have begun to cull the birds at several locations to combat the outbreak and prevent the spread of the disease.


There was another H5N8 bird flu case reported at Schleswig-Holstein state, north of the country on a Kreis Nordfriesland farm. 1,000 chickens, ducks, and geese were slaughtered.


Several European countries have reported bird flu outbreaks, with wild birds suspected to be the carrier of the disease.


-      Reuters