November 18, 2016


AB Neo challenges traditional weaning concepts at EuroTier 2016




AB Neo held an advanced calf rearing seminar at Eurotier 2016 in Hanover, Germany, challenging traditional concepts of feeding calves high levels of milk.

According to AB Neo, feeding calves more milk is positively correlated with bigger calf size, but questions whether it is beneficial to earlier breeding and calving, low cost per unit of gain, ROI, and improved health.

Academic meta-analysis of first lactation performance from these faster growing calves has purported to demonstrate an increase in milk yield which is attributed to these growth rates. However, very often in the practical application of a Higher Plane of Nutrition programme, farmers can struggle with scour issues and when weaning, calves can lose any extra weight gained and any associated economic benefit, due to poor rumen development.

Since its launch in 2015, farmers using AB Neo's Axcelera-C in the conventional way have been able to reduce the growth check at weaning, experience reduced scours and improve vitality by feeding Axcelera-C in conjunction with these higher levels of milk.

Axcelera-C from AB Neo is a highly palatable high lactose (40%) pellet for accelerating calves. On-farm results show it is the link between liquid milk and starter feed, accelerating rumen development by stimulating earlier solid feeding and greater dry matter intake.

Using the Axcelera-C Advanced Weaning Program farmers feed their current liquid milk programme along with ad-lib Axcelera-C from day 1-21 and then reduce milk intakes whilst feeding Axcelera C up to 700g per day up to weaning and beyond, mixed with forage or starter feed, reaching the critical 1.5kg dry matter intakes by day 40. Axcelera-C is not offered beyond day 50.

AB Neo is inviting dairy farmers who want to see for themselves how they can take its "40 Day Challenge", saving money and producing healthier calves.

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