November 18, 2011


US corn harvest slows due to unfavourable weather



US final corn harvest slowed because of showers, especially in Ohio, according to an agricultural meteorologist.


"Harvest is mostly complete. Still some corn to harvest in Ohio and they were slowed by rains early this week," said Andy Karst, meteorologist for World Weather Inc.


Karst said drier weather the balance of this week should allow rapid completion of the corn harvest while the US soy harvests neared completion by late last week.

"There is another round of rain early next week in the east but they should be about through with harvest by then," he said. The USDA on Monday said 96%, behind the 79% five year average.


Karst said a widespread freeze was expected in the Midwest and Northern Plains, extending into Kansas, but there was no concern about harm to crops or livestock.
The cold snap would help push the US winter wheat crop into dormancy, he said.

The US Plains will be dry this week followed by rainfall early next week.


Karst said rainfall up to two inches was expected in Oklahoma, with lighter amounts in other areas of the Plains, including the Texas Panhandle. Much of the Plains hard red winter wheat crop has received beneficial moisture over the past two to three weeks, leading to outlooks for a better harvest next year.


A drought this summer had turned soils into powder and burned grazing land, pushing young cattle into feedlots earlier than normal.

USDA on Monday said 96% of the winter wheat crop had been seeded and 83% had emerged, in line with average seeding and emergence rates.

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