November 18, 2008
Eurotier 2008 - More than just an Exhibition for Animal Husbandry and Management
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DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft - German Agricultural Society), organiser of Eurotier 2008, described the event as an "exhibition for animal husbandry and management". Held at the sprawling Exhibition Grounds in Hanover, Germany from November 11 to 14, Eurotier 2008 is a lot more than just an exhibition.


Beside the display of products and services by more than 1,700 exhibitors, predominantly German companies and some 740 overseas firms, the show included a comprehensive programme of seminars, presentations and press conferences in the cattle and pig segments, in the areas of feed and animal health as well as the poultry sector with the "World Poultry Show". Leading technology and outfitting companies together with other suppliers and related institutions from the aquaculture, maritime-culture, inland fisheries and environmental segments were also represented.


Bioenergy received special attention with "BioEnergy" held in separate exhibition halls. A complete programme covering the entire range of technological developments in the field of bioenergy, renewable energies and technology related to local energy supply attracted interest of both animal farmers and bioenery specialists.


Innovations were rewarded at Eurotier 2008. A number of interesting new products or those which have undergone further developments were submitted for consideration by the award committee. Gold and silver medals were presented to the winners at the grand official reception held on the first night of the event.  Award-winning products were assessed in 15 segments, including what is considered the relatively new field in aquaculture and the other more mature sectors in machinery and equipment for animal husbandry, feeding, climate control, dung and manure removal, energy and environmental engineering, milking and cooling installations right up to the areas of farm inputs, management accessories as well as renewable energy sources.


The event is well attended by some 130,000 industry people, many are German animal farmers and worldwide visitors. DLG wants Eurotier 2008 to be an ideal platform for animal farmers and other industry participants to acquire information and be exposed to issues concerning quality assurance pertaining to food safety, management methods in line with animal welfare and functional requirements, herd management, feeding, animal health, hygiene and genetics. With its extensive exhibition programme and other information events, Eurotier 2008 has certainly met the expectations of participants and visitors in addressing their present questions and issues concerning the future.



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