November 18, 2008
India Feed Weekly: Livestock sectors on lookout for cheaper non-traditional feed grains (week ended Nov 15, 2008)
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Price Summary
Soymeal rates this week were around Rs. 12,500 to Rs. 12,650 per tonne in Kota market and traded at Delhi spot market on Saturday (November 15) with a downward trend of about Rs. 14,650 to Rs. 14,800, compared with last week's rates.
The prices of feed meals - rapeseed extraction, sunflower extraction and groundnut extractions were all traded at the prices of Rs. 10,300; Rs. 8,750 and Rs. 13,500 per tonne respectively.
Corn from Uttar Pradesh was also traded at Rs. 8,300 per tonne and remains stagnant in Delhi markets.
Prices of Pearl Millet in Delhi were increased Rs. 150 per tonne and traded at Rs. 7,350 to Rs. 7,450 per tonne respectively.

In Delhi, prices of Ground Nut Extraction (GNE) 40 % and 45 % which were stable for the last month and traded at Rs. 13,000 and Rs. 14,000 per tonne respectively.
Price of Dry Fodder reached Rs. 3,600 per tonne due to scarcity in Green Fodder. The prices of Dry Fodder also increased. Availability of quantity in Delhi was about 535.700 tonne in the week with price range at Rs. 3,600 per tonne.
However, Green Fodder was about 95.800 tonnes and was available at a price of Rs. 15,800 per tonne.
Market Analysis
As poultry farmers confront high feed grain prices, the industry should think over and try some non-traditional feed ingredients, says Dr. S.K. Khanna, a consultant in North India.
Dr. Khanna said that Guar Korma, a bi-product of gum and starch after using gum from the beans of guar, which costs about Rs. 7,500 per tonne and neem seed cake about Rs. 5,500 per tonne can be a good substitute.
Guar Korma has been successfully used by heating at level of three percent starter and six percent finisher feed, thus reducing feed cost more than Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 per tonne. Neem seed cake has also been successfully used at the rate of two percent in broiler feed.
In layers, Guar Korma has been used experimentally by nine percent in some breeds without any significant drop in production while some breeds do not tolerate it.
The future of the poultry industry does not seem to be bright. Experts predict the year 2010 to be the worst as the developed countries would have meager stocks of grains due to its diversion towards ethanol.
Very soon Indian consumers are expected to choose value added products as large number of retailers has come up.     
Skylark has already started producing antibiotic free meat. Suguna may launch low cholesterol egg by branding the same. Many groups are likely to launch value-added products. Even Kegg Farm is also in the race for producing eggs under brand "Keggs" with Omega3.
Market forecast
Increasing fresh arrivals of soy and higher output may further pressure prices.
Groundnut prices are stable at major markets but emerging export opportunities may see prices improving.
Guar may trade steady to firm on buying interest at lower price levels.
Price may hover in a narrow range due to exporters' inactivity.
GNE 40% & 45% prices will come down with extraction of new crop.
In the week ahead, fodder prices (Dry and Green) may climb upward due to scarcity in Green Fodder resulting in hike in prices of both commodities (Dry and Green) at this week's level.

US $ 1 = Rs. 49.700 (Nov 18, 2008)

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