November 18, 2008


Shrimp project delay in Vietnamese province provokes outcry

A prolonged delay for a shrimp-raising project in Cam Thinh Dong Commune in central Khanh Hoa Province has sparked a public outcry.


The uncompleted project, which was worth US$2.3 million, has left farmers with no means to earn a living.


The project begun in 2000, with plans to cover 160 hectares in the commune and receive money from the Ministry of Fisheries. The first phase of the project was completed in 2001 at a total cost of over US$1 million, and was divided into five contract packages to build basic facilities, including 44 ponds, 44 drains and a pump station.


Four out of the five contract packages were completed by late 2003. The last package was completed in 2007, although the original completion date was scheduled at early 2004.


However, the delay had caused completed stages of the project to fall into disrepair, with the pump stations, drains and tens of hectares of ponds overgrown with weeds, said the locals.


Complaints to authorised agencies received no reply, and hundreds of farmers became jobless.


An official from the communal People's Committee said authorities have planned to transfer the project to Thong Thuan Seafood Company in Ninh Thuan Province.

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