November 18, 2008

EU removes more Brazilian beef exporters off ban list

The EU has allowed a large number of ranches in Brazil to resume beef shipments to the Union.


The newly updated list contains 29 properties, bringing the total number of authorised ranches to 574.


Of the 29 ranches, 14 are in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, which is the state with the most certified properties at a total of 283 as of this week.


Another nine were given permission in Mato Grosso, three in Rio Grande do Sul, two in Sao Paulo and one in Goias.


Goias has the second largest number of ranches certified to export to the EU at 105, followed by Mato Grosso at 93, Rio Grande do Sul at 43, and Sao Paulo at 20.


The states of Espirito Santo and Parana have 16 and 14 certified ranches, respectively, but both states had not received new additions.

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