November 18, 2008

India issues vannamei shrimp production guidelines

India's agriculture ministry has issued a guideline for the production and culture of vannamei shrimps.


According to the notification, the Coastal Aquaculture Authority (CAA) will grant permission for importing vannamei broodstock while keeping annual requirements in mind.


Overseas suppliers would be short listed based on their genetic base and disease status, and vannamei broodstock can only be imported from these suppliers, the guidelines said.


Chennai will be the "designated port of entry" for the imported broodstock, said the guidelines. The Animal Quarantine Office will inspect the consignments before sending it to the quarantine facility.


The ministry had also issued a direction to constitute monitoring committees at various levels to inspect the farms which would be cultivating the imported shrimp.


India has recently allowed the production of vannamei shrimp, after losing out much of their international market share to vannamei producing countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.


India cultivates black tiger shrimps predominantly, but it is more expensive and takes a longer time to produce than vannamei.

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