November 18, 2003



35% Increase in Pakistan's Fish Exports in July-October


The 35% rise in Pakistan's fish and preparations exports during July-October 2003 followed by a 28% increase in October 2003 shows the confidence of foreign buyers in the procurement of fisheries items that are being caught in the deep sea and not from the coastline, which saw the massive Tasman Spirit oil spill in July-August.


Exporters said foreign buyers had been making fresh orders despite negative forecasts by some market analysts that the fish exports might plunge after August.


Pakistan exported 11,204 tons (US$21.5 million) of fish in October 2003, up by 3.75% in quantity (10,799 tons) and 1.56% in value (US$21 million) from September 2003.


In October, exports stood at 9,701 tons, bringing in a total of US$17 million, showing a rise of 15 and 28% in quantity and value, respectively, figures from the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) show.


Cumulative exports during July-October 2003 increase by 26 and 35% in quantity (33,476 tons) and value (US$66 million) respectively compared to 26,537 tons valued at US$48.6 million in the same period in 2002.