November 17, 2022


China's poultry business management evolves from ERP system to cloud

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Chinese poultry enterprises' efforts in digital management lie in the use of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (along with other management applications) in various vertical subdivisions.


The ERP system mainly entails four functional aspects: production management, financial management, logistics management and decision-making management.


Meanwhile, international poultry enterprises in China generally use solutions developed by SAP, which works in unison with their parent company's systems.


Today, cloud management is the latest strategic upgrade in China's poultry industry, following the digitisation of enterprise management.


In 2020, Wen's launched the Kingdee Cloud Constellation cloud service platform, which provides complete SaaS and PaaS services. The SaaS system includes employee services, financial, human resources, procurement, manufacturing, sales, logistics and omni-channel systems on the cloud. The PaaS system adopts cloud-native technology and supports micro-services, distributed computing and storage service. Additionally, its KDDM cloud dynamic domain model supports personalised cloud customization.


Going forward, management system integration and more subdivided data collection and data mining, together with the implementation of the Internet of Things and 5G technology, will be key drivers of development - placing the future of Chinese poultry farming in the cloud.


- Shi Tao, eFeedLink

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