November 17, 2020


Philippines' agricultural production rises 0.7% in third quarter of 2020


The Philippines' agricultural production had increased 0.7% in the third quarter this year due to increases in crop and fisheries productions, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.


Drops in outputs were recorded for livestock and poultry.


Crop production, which contributed 52.7% to the total agricultural output, went up by 4.8%. Corn production improved by 3.5%.


Livestock production decreased by -7.6%. It accounted for 17.5% of the total agricultural output. Hogs exhibited a -7.7% drop in output.


Poultry production, which shared 14.0% in the total agricultural output, was -3.8% lower during the period. Production of chicken was down by -7.2%.


Fisheries registered a 1.9% output increment. It contributed 15.8% to the total agricultural production.


At current prices, the value of agricultural production amounted to ₱404.6 billion (US$8.4 billion), 4.1% higher from the previous year's level.


- Philippine Statistics Authority