November 17, 2016

EuroTier 2016: Evonik expands portfolio for sustainable livestock production


On the strength of its position as a leading provider of products and solutions for efficient and sustainable animal nutrition, Evonik aims to provide even broader support for its customers in the animal feed industry.

The effort is realised through two probiotics that promote the development of gut flora in poultry and pigs, marking the company's first steps toward health-enhancing nutritional products. Along with some innovations in the field of amino acids, these developments are the highlights of Evonik's booth (Hall 22, C28) at EuroTier 2016, which is held on November 15-18 in Hannover, Germany.  

Ecobiol® and Fecinor® became part of the Group's product portfolio last summer when Evonik acquired the probiotics business of the Spanish company NOREL. Ecobiol®, a rapidly growing strain of the bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940, has been approved for broiler chickens and helps minimise undesirable bacteria in the intestinal tract and maintain a balanced microbial population. Fecinor® is used for piglets to prevent the diarrhoea common in the early stage of life. By producing large amounts of lactic acid, Enterococcus faecium CECT 4515 counteracts pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract.  

"You have to keep animals healthy if you want to achieve sustainable animal husbandry without sacrificing performance parameters," said Claus Wassermeyer, who directs sales in Europe for Evonik's Animal Nutrition Business Line. The company aims to develop products and services to meet that goal over the next few years. "Our customers are under a lot of pressure to meet consumer expectations of animal protection and product quality. We want to be a reliable partner in that regard," Wassermeyer added.  

Their success can be gauged by how the company's portfolio of essential amino acids and services for animal nutrition has grown over the decades. One innovative product in that business is ValAMINO® (L-valine), an amino acid that Evonik presents at EuroTier. Valine is the fifth-limiting essential amino acid in pigs and the fourth-limiting in poultry. ValAMINO® is part of an efficient, sustainable diet for these farm animals. 

At EuroTier in Hannover, Evonik is able to announce the approval of CreAMINO®, an established additive for broiler metabolism, which has been extended for use in pigs. A large number of test results have shown that using CreAMINO® improves efficiency.  

By publishing AMINODat®, the world's most comprehensive database on the amino acid content of raw feed materials, Evonik allows its customers to find exactly the right supplements for their feed blends. AMINODat® version 5.0 is now available both in print and as an app.  


In addition to incorporating the Animal Nutrition team, for the first time, the Evonik delegation at EuroTier includes experts from the Household Care Business Line. With REWOCID® WK 30 in its portfolio, Evonik now has a biocide suitable for use throughout the entire feed production supply chain. A one-step cleaning and disinfecting agent, this product eliminates many critical pathogens, yet is fully biodegradable and can be rinsed off surfaces to leave no residue behind.  

Evonik will be presenting all of these innovations at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia, US on January 31 to February 2, 2017.  

- Evonik

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