November 17, 2016
Cal-Maine closes acquisition of egg production assets of Foodonics
Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. announced that it has closed an acquisition of assets under Foodonics International, Inc. and its related entities doing business as Dixie Egg Company.
The deal concerns Foodonics' commercial production, processing, distribution and sale of shell eggs business. The acquired assets include commercial egg production and processing facilities with capacity for approximately 1.6 million laying hens and related feed production, milling and distribution facilities in Georgia, Alabama and Florida, US, as well as contract grower arrangements for an additional 1.5 million laying hens. With the completion of this transaction, Cal-Maine Foods has also acquired the Egg-Land's Best, Inc. franchise with licensing rights for portions of certain markets in Alabama, Florida and Georgia as well as Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Cuba.

Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. is primarily engaged in the production, grading, packing and sale of fresh shell eggs, including conventional, cage-free, organic and nutritionally-enhanced eggs. The company, which is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, is the largest producer and distributor of fresh shell eggs in the US and sells the majority of its shell eggs in states across the southwestern, southeastern, mid-western and mid-Atlantic regions of the country.

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