November 17, 2011


One third of meat and dairy products fail inspection in Ukraine



The State Inspectorate for Consumer Protection has rejected a third of the inspected dairy and meat products.


Between January and September, about 400tonnes of meat products were tested in sale networks all over Ukraine, of which 36% were rejected and withdrawn from sale.


Furthermore, about 200tonnes of dairy products were tested, of which 35% were rejected and removed from sale.


These items were taken from sale due to the lack of necessary, accurate information that deprived the consumer of the possibility to choose a product, reads the statement.


The territorial authorities on consumer protection imposed more than UAH2.4 million (US$299million) in administrative fines and about UAH6.1million (US$761million) in administrative and economic penalties.


Earlier, the Antimonopoly Committee began checking the quality of food products and compliance with economic competition in these markets.

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