November 17, 2011


China's September US pork imports set fresh record


China imported 82.247 million pounds of pork from the US in September 2011, a fresh record since January 2000, according to the renewed data from the USDA in November.


China imported 600,000 tonnes of pork and by-products from the US and other overseas markets from January to July 2011, increasing 37.9% on-year, according to statistics from China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC).


Currently, pork prices are RMB9.50 (US$1.50)/kg in the US and RMB11.50 (US$1.81)/kg in Europe, while the price in China is RMB17 (US$2.68)/kg. Because of low price, the US pork is flocking in China's market, analysts said.

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