November 17, 2011


Ukrainian winter wheat to total 8-9 million tonnes amid unfavourable weather


Ukraine's winter wheat production will total 8-9 million tonnes even in the worst weather conditions, according to Alexander Ivashchenko from the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

Statistics of previous large-scale droughts in Ukraine indicates that reduction of crop production may reach the level of two thirds of general grain production. Thus, Ukraine can get 8-9 million tonnes of grains in the most extreme scenarios of weather conditions, which would be enough to fully meet the needs of the country in milling grains, he said.

At the same time, Ivashchenko said that to date Ukraine is experiencing the third largest drought during recent 200 years: the similar situation occurred throughout the territory of the country in 1891 and 1921 only.
However, he noted that in the terms of milder weather conditions in winter and spring of 2011/12, production volumes of winter wheat may reach 16-18 million tonnes.

The academician expressed the opinion that Ukrainian agrarians will have to compensate losses of winter crops at the expense of enlarging of spring crops sowing areas.

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