November 17, 2008


Argentina wheat output potential falls on dry weather

Argentina's wheat crop takes another beating as dry weather over the past week trims potential output by 500,000 tonnes to 10.5 million tonnes, said the Buenos Aires Cereal's Exchange in its weekly crop report.

The reduced output marks a 32.2-percent drop from last year's wheat output.


High temperatures and lack of rain came at a critical time for defining yields in much of the 2008-09 wheat crop, the Exchange said.


Dry weather is expected to continue across the Pampas, with a cold front following and a risk of frost. The potential frost and lack of rain may lead to further production cuts, the Exchange said.


To date, 9.2 percent of the 2008-09 wheat harvest is completed, with yields registering a 17-percent decline from last year, according to the Exchange.

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