November 17, 2008
Pancosma introduces feed taste enhancer SUCRAM TakTik
Press Release

Pancosma is introducing its TakTik Technology in the form of the new SUCRAM TakTik taste enhancer.


TakTik Technology is the Pancosma-owned fusion of two separate ISO‑FUSION Technology (IFT) particles using spray granulation and fluidised bed encapsulation processes. The result is a unique combination of ingredients, which when eaten by the animal produce a double impact taste experience.


For the animal, the attractiveness of the feed is increased in ways not experienced before, thereby optimising intake and growth potential. Trials with piglets have showed significant increases in daily feed intake and weight gain.


A micro‑nutrient's physical structure can strongly influence its efficacy when measured in terms of animal performance and economic returns.


Beginning with its journey through the feed production process to its final destination in the digestive tract the micro‑nutrient is exposed to numerous stress factors. These range from temperature and pressure to the release mechanisms of the active ingredients once consumed by the animal.

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