November 16, 2015


Cargill's HatchBrood facility starts operation in Anhui, China



Production has begun in Cargill's new HatchBrood plant - located in China's Anhui Province – which possesses a total brooding capacity of 25 million chicks per year.


At two-storey high and 10 HatchBrood units in its premises, the facility is designed to facilitate a bigger capacity of up to over 65 million chicks annually and provide an optimally-controlled living environment for day-old chicks during the crucial post-hatch period of four days. It features ample living space, uniform laminar flow and convenient access to light, feed and water, and employment of antibiotics. 


These would contribute to better chick performances, said Salomon Carias, the senior agricultural engineer of Cargill China.


"It also allows us to reduce the cycle-time in our farms, enabling us to increase the number of cycles per year," Carias added.

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