November 16, 2011

Ajinomoto expands feed amino acids capacity


Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Group is ready to expand the production capacity of feed use amino acids by increasing L-Lysine production capacity by 150,000 tonnes, L-Threonine by 80,000 tonnes, and L-Tryptophan by 7000 tonnes.

Feed use amino acid products will be used to produce L-Valine and L-Isoleucine, AminoGut , a combination of L-Glutamine and Glutamic acid for intestinal gut function optimisation, and AjiPro-L, a rumen protected L-Lysine product.

Ajinomoto also announced a new pricing structure for its pharmaceutical and food-grade bulk amino acids. Due to global increases in raw materials and energy costs, an increase of 10-15% is currently in effect.

Raw materials used in amino acid production and soaring global energy costs have contributed to end product price increases.

This new pricing structure affects bulk amino acids sold worldwide by Ajinomoto and Ajinomoto subsidiaries. The majority of Ajinomoto customers have already been notified of pricing structure changes by their sales representative.

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