November 16, 2011


Armenia's meat and milk production show increase


Growth of Armenia's livestock in nine months produced an increase of meat and milk production, said first deputy Minister of Agriculture of Armenia Grisha Baghiyan on Tuesday (Nov 15).


Growth of cattle-breeding in agriculture was 1.5% in the reporting period.


He said that as of November 1, livestock increased by 3,000 making 574,000, sheep - 35,000 (making 568,500) and swine - 5,000 to 120,000.


"Growth of livestock versus growth of animal products was produced by 3,000 tonnes more than meat (making 107,000 tonnes) and by 7,000 tonnes more than milk - 580,000 tonnes", he said.


Baghiyan said that certain growth of production was provided due the import of breeding heifers and dairy-beef breeds in the development programme of cattle-breeding. This year it is envisaged to buy 210 heifers. The programme will be continued in 2012.


The volume of gross output of agriculture in Armenia in nine months increased by 15.3%.


"Agricultural sphere was announced by the President of Armenia as a priority sphere. For this reason, Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia undertook measures on the provision of production increase. I am happy to say that compared to the last year we managed to overcome decline by 14% and provided growth by 15%. In its result, we have 29% growth this year", he said.

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