November 16, 2011


AquaChile delivers record sales of US$335million


Empresas AquaChile delivered record sales of US$335 million in the first nine months of 2011, a 31% rise compared to a year earlier, the group told Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros (SVS).


Between January and September, harvest levels were 39,000 tonnes of salmon and trout, and 14,000 tonnes of tilapia.


Meanwhile, before value adjustments of the biomass, the company's EBITDA was US$63million, a figure that represents a 120% increase on-year.


In addition, between January and September this year, AquaChile recorded profits of US$18million.


Over these months, the company undertook the production of Atlantic salmon, Pacific salmon, coho and trout.


Last April, the company said it restarted Atlantic salmon harvests after having been stopped for a year.


"The results up to September restate AquaChile recovery and the firm's production levels," pointed out Alfonso Márquez de la Plata, general manager of the company.


"In this regard, a key milestone for the company was the fact that it was able to resume Atlantic salmon harvests, which strengthens the diversification of the company and offers it a good standing to take advantage of different opportunities for growth in Chile and in the world," the businessperson added.


AquaChile South America is involved throughout the production chain of the industry, from genetics to its product marketing. It directly reaches over 400 customers in over 50 countries and employs more than 3,500 workers in Chile, US and Costa Rica.


Between January and September 2011, Chilean salmon exports generated US$2,058.7million in revenue, a figure that is slightly higher than that reached in the year 2010, when US$2,058.6million was totalled.


AquaChile companies remained the largest salmon export in the country, according to a report by InfoTrade for Aqua.

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