November 16, 2011


Russia to abolish pork import quotas


Russia's import quotas for pork and trimmings will be abolished and will present a 25% duty on these commodities, according to Interfax.


Russia has not undertaken to abolish beef and poultry import quotas.


According to the report, after Russia's entry to the WTO, pork import quotas will total 400,000 tonnes annually, up from 320,000 tonnes before the final accession agreement was reached. Quotas for pork trimmings will remain unchanged, at 30,000 tonnes.


The import duty within the quotas will be zero and on imports exceeding the quotas, 65%. At present, the duty within the quota is 15%, but not less than EUR0.25 (US$0.34) per kilogramme, and on imports exceeding quotas 75%, but at least EUR1.50 (US$2.02) per kilogramme.

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