November 15, 2022


Hybrid aquaculture solar system model is effective sustainable energy solution for Pakistan


Zhu Zhenhua, leader of the "Baodao Village" Aquafarm-PV Power Generation Hybrid Project, said Pakistan is ideal for adopting the Chinese Fishery-Solar Hybrid model, which combines aquaculture and solar power generation at the same site, Fish Information & Servicves reported.


The model works by installation a solar array above the water surface of the aquaculture site. The solar array generates clean energy, while the water area below is used for fish or shrimp farming.


Zhu said this is a novel concept, and the aquafarm plus PV power generation hybrid project is able to fulfil multiple uses which includes aquafarming, ecological farming, education, and tourism.


He said Pakistan is ideal for this system as the country has plenty of natural resources and is also called the land of streams and rivers, which can be used for clean and green energy through the Chinese Fishery-Solar Hybrid model.


The fishery-solar hybrid system creates an intelligent fishery region with zero pollution and zero emissions, realising the traceability and control of the entire farming process and successfully resolving the source control issue in food safety.


It expedites the modernisation and transformation of conventional aquaculture. In addition to realising the harvest of fishing and electricity, creating and promoting the clean, efficient, and low-carbon innovative model will pave a new path for sustainable growth and green development.


-      Fish Information & Services

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