November 15, 2019


Chile hopes to expand its salmon export market to China


One of Chile's most important exports, the country hopes to meet the expected doubled demand for salmon in China over the next five years, reported CGTN America.


Traditionally, Chile has exported salmon to the US, Brazil and Russia but Chile companies have recently shifted their focus to China.


Multiexport Foods, one of Chile's biggest salmon exporters, said it is currently the leadings exporter of salmon to China and expects demand from China to double over the next five years. The company processes 85,000 tonnes of salmon annually.


Ricardo Grunwald, sales manager at Multiexport Foods said by 2020, a Shanghai office will be opened to bolster partnerships with major distributors throughout China to offer its products to both traditional and non-traditional retailers, both offline and online. Multiexport Foods will also invest in processing companies to achieve this goal.


However, shipping to China is a challenge as it needs to cross the Pacific Ocean.


Eduardo Aguilera, director of the country's fishing administration Sernapesca in Los Lagos said efforts are being made to shorten the transportation time from Chile to China, as fresh salmon lasts between 14 to 16 days.


The industry hopes logistic and standards will be improved in anticipation for the increased demand for salmon from China.


-      CTGN America