November 15, 2019


Microsoft Thailand and Digital Economy and Society Ministry to develop AI lab for farming sector


Through the scheme, startups, universities and R&D organisations can leverage on AI to develop solutions for the agriculture industry, reported Bangkok Post.


A memorandum of understanding was signed between both parties for the AI lab project, which allows users to connect with the Microsoft research lab. Through the lab, users can access globally-shared intellectual properties.


Dhanuwat Suthumpun, Microsoft Thailand managing director said a digital platform will be set up under this scheme, where startups, universities and R&D organisations can step in to develop solutions involving AI.


He was speaking at the Microsoft Envision Summit 2019, which focused this year on AI Technology.


He added that AI technology is growing in Thailand, citing Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF), which currently uses AI technology for its swine farms' security.


The CPF AI farm lab, which was developed in collaboration with Bangkok-based AI and blockchain consultancy Sertis, provides automatic alerts through CCTV cameras in the event a trespasser enters a prohibited area in its swine farms, exposing swine to disease risk.


Rewat Hathaisattayapong, CPF chief operating officer for livestock feed business said disease prevention is important in raising livestock, adding that this AI technology is available to its livestock feed customers. The technology will also be provided to all its Thailand and overseas farms.


He said that future technology can be used for farms to control and monitor perfect humidity and temperature levels for livestock.


-      Bangkok Post