November 15, 2016

Nukamel, Phibro to sell OmniGen-AF® in milk replacers


Nukamel and Phibro Animal Health Corporation have signed an agreement for the development and sale of OmniGen-AF® in milk replacers for young suckling animals in Europe.
Phibro has unique knowledge on how to modulate immunity response in dairy cattle, based on their experience with the patented, nutritional product OmniGen-AF. OmniGen-AF has been sold by Phibro in the US since 2002 and is used extensively by dairymen to help maintain healthy dairy animals in all stages of life.
Nukamel has over 60 years of experience in the development and production of milk replacers for young suckling animals. According to Jan Druyts, CEO of Nukamel, "Nukamel is a nutritional company, heading developments for improving animal performance based on knowledge of the dairy industry."

Nukamel has developed a unique "suspension technology, Omnismart®" based on the Nukamel spray cooling process. With this development, Omnigen-AF in milk replacers can be fed to the dry cow, just born calves, and all growth stages until lactation, ensuring a full circle of supply.

In particular, young calves are very sensitive to stress and infections of many kind, meaning that supporting the immune system may lead to a reduced number of veterinary treatments and an improved growth of the calves. Nukamel has performed a number of trials showing these effects and is launching the product in the EU countries in close cooperation with Phibro distributors throughout the EU.

The products will be going to market under the Omnismart® brand name.

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