November 15, 2011


Kazakhstan's agricultural products output increases by 22.8%



Kazakhstan's general volume of agricultural products output in January to October, increased by 22.8% totalling KZT1944.4 billion (US$13.12 billion), compared to the same period last year, stated the Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In particular, plant-growing commodities (services) production in January-October of 2011 totalled KZT1181.2 billon (US$7.97 billion).


According to data of the Agency, as of November 1, 2011, stocks of the main grains in the country formed the level of 24.99 million tonnes, including 22.59 million tonnes of wheat, 1.64 million tonnes of barley, 232,000 tonnes of rice, 184,000 tonnes of oats, 23,100 tonnes of rye, 92,400 tonnes of corn.

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