November 15, 2008


Russia to widen domestic pork presence in home market


Russia's pig stock will increase two-fold and the share of domestic meat in total market sales volume will grow 25 percent to 85 percent under a national development plan presented Friday (November 14, 2008).
Russia's pork production is expected to reach 5.6 million tonnes in carcass weight by 2020, up more than three times from the 1.7 million tonnes in 2007.
In live weight, pork output is projected to also more than triple to 7.7 million tonnes in 2020 from 2.4 million tonnes in 2007.
Under the development plan, six large pig centres for selection and genetics will be established in Russia by the end of 2014. Both government and private investors are expected to invest RUB 55 billion (US$2 billion) for the development of such centres by 2020, said deputy agriculture minister Stanislav Aleinik.
Aleinik also said it is necessary to establish modern animal feed mills and other facilities to develop the pork industry.
As of October 1, pig stock in farms totalled 17.6 million head, up 4.2 million heads from 2005 prior to the implementation of National Project "Agricultural Complex Development".
Domestic pork output rose nearly 8 percent in Russia in the first nine months of 2008, up 13.5 percent on-year. Total volume of meat distribution, pork accounted for 30 percent, said Gordeyev.
Russia should impose a 90-percent tariff on pork imports over the annual quota, which would encourage domestic pork production, Gordeyev said.
Above-quota pork imports currently account for about 30 percent of Russia's total pork imports, said Gordeyev.

Pork imports are expected to fall to 500,000 tonnes in 2009 from this year's 700,000 tonnes, Gordeyev said.


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