November 14, 2022


Aviagen: Wadi Group celebrates 30 years of collaboration with Ross


Wadi Group, a distributor of Aviagen's Ross® Parent Stock (PS) in Egypt, recently celebrated a landmark anniversary of 30 years as a Ross customer, at its seventh Wadi Poultry Academy held last September in Cairo, Egypt.


The Wadi Poultry Academy was established in 2017 to implement regular, more formal training. The aim was to hold the academy twice a year, the first would be for internal Wadi personnel, and the second would be for Wadi's PS and broiler customers, in order to exchange knowledge regarding the latest technologies and techniques in modern production methods globally.


The academy took place over four days at the Hyatt Regency in Cairo, with over 220 guests in attendance. The event was split into two modules: broiler and breeder. The broiler module took place on September 26-27, and the breeder module commenced on September 28.


Key topics related to broiler and breeder management were discussed during the four-day event including management, biosecurity, nutrition, diseases and ventilation.


Tony Freiji, chairman of Wadi Group, gave the closing speech where he thanked all attendees who have contributed to the last 30 years of success of the Ross brand within the Egyptian market.


"For over 30 years, we have developed a firm and long standing relationship with the Ross brand," said Puzant Dakessian, chief executive officer of Wadi Poultry, said. "Throughout these years, Wadi has contributed to promoting and developing the Ross 308 breed within the Egyptian market. The Ross 308 broiler and breeder are performing exceptionally well and our service teams, alongside Aviagen's support teams, have worked hard to ensure our customers recognise the genetic potential of the breed, and they receive the best return on investment with their Ross flocks.


Dakessian added: "Wadi believes in sharing knowledge, and our training sessions have contributed greatly to the developments in the poultry sector in Egypt. Along with all our Wadi experts, I was privileged to have six international specialists from the Aviagen team contributing and supporting this academy with their professional expertise.


"Through the hard work, passion and resilience of our innovative and highly skilled team members, we will continue to drive the industry forward in Egypt in order to ensure supply of the healthiest and most affordable source of protein to our growing population.


"I would like to thank the Aviagen Ross team for their service and continuous support over the years in ensuring that the Ross brand remains strong in the Egyptian market and for their contribution in making this event a success. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Aviagen for years to come."


Bulent Tanyildizi, international commercial manager of Ross, MEA, said: "Aviagen is honored to have united with Wadi for the last 30 years to ensure the success of the Ross brand in the market. Their hard work and dedication to the Ross 308 breed is Evident, and we would like to thank them for their loyalty to Aviagen. We look forward to witnessing the further growth and success of Wadi and the Ross brand in the future."


In 2017, Wadi built its first state-of-the-art grandparent (GP) site in the city of Toshka, 1200 km south of Cairo, in an isolated area away from all other poultry operations at a radius of 200km.


Wadi founders have long recommended the relocation of major GP and PS poultry operations from the highly populated Delta area of Egypt to the isolated desert area. This was driven by the objective of preserving the Egyptian poultry industry long term and placing the country back on the map of poultry exporting countries.


Since then, Wadi has built four GP sites, and is in the process of building the fifth making it the first company to move their GP operations to the south of the country. The Toshka GP facilities follow strict biosecurity measures and feature environmentally controlled units in order to withstand the difficult desert conditions.


The facilities are regularly visited and audited by Aviagen International experts. These facilities ensure high quality, sustainability and availability all year round, elevating the standards of Wadi's operations.


- Aviagen

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