November 14, 2016
Taiwanese firms reach out to Vietnamese feed-to-meat sector at Vietstock 2016
A delegation of eight Taiwanese agricultural enterprises, headed by the Taiwan Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI), had made their appearances at Vietstock 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in mid-October.
The purpose of the visit is to showcase products and technologies, and in line with Taiwan's New Southward Policy and an effort to expand business opportunities outside the country. The exhibitors were divided into three categories by products to form a Taiwan Pavilion, specifically animal health products (China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, CCPC); feed additives (More Standing Enterprise Co., Ltd, King's Ground Biotech Co., Ltd, Life Rainbow Biotech Co., Ltd, Taqkey Science Co., Ltd, Symlong Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, Gene Agri-Aqua Ecosystem Co., LTD), and pet grooming products (Taiwan Pet Comb Enterprises Co., Ltd.).
Vietstock is a reputed international event for the feed, livestock and meat industries.With an exhibition space of 6,600 square meters,the show had attracted more than 9,000 visitors. During the three-day exhibition, 640 representatives from 300 exhibitors visited the Taiwan Pavilion, of which 46 were raw material suppliers and 81 were agents or distributors.
ATRI had also arranged for its delegationto visit branches of Taiwanese agricultural and livestock companies in Vietnam, like Vedan Vietnam Enterprise Corporation Limited and Asia Nutrition Technologies Group (ANT) - which is an affiliate to Dachan Food Asia - in order to learn about overseas business expansion, marketing and management.
According to ATRI, Taiwanese agricultural companies, with their high-quality microbial agents and phytogenic feed additives, should focus on venturing into the Vietnamese market. An international event like Vietstock not only allow the firms to showcase technology and product developments, but also enable them to come into direct contact with Vietnamese farmers, agribusiness groups and enterprises. Such opportunities could help to expand technical cooperation and business networks. It would be one of the best ways to exchange technology and product knowledge while also promoting Taiwan's global reputation and competitiveness in the international feed-to-meat industry.
According to Infotrade, Vietnam is a major supplier of agricultural and livestock products. The country's farmers tend to use antibiotics for the long term in order to maintain the sustainability of livestock production. In recent years, the worldwide ban of antibiotics and consumer awareness of food safety rose significantly, prompting the Vietnamese government to impose a ban on antibiotics use in livestock feed starting from 2018. The government also promulgates a list of antibiotics and dosage limits permitted for use in animal feed, specifically for growth development activities which are permitted until the end of 2017.

For existing feed products in the market that do not meet the new standards, all marketing activities are permitted until end of this year. It is foreseen that the new rules and regulations will pose serious challenges to Vietnam's feed and feed additives markets.

- Infotrade 

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