November 14, 2011


Cherkizovo Group launches three pig complexes


Russia's Cherkizovo Group has launched three pig complexes amounting to about RUB4 billion (US$132 million) in the Lipetsk, Tambov, and Voronezh regions, the company said Friday (Nov 11).


The company's own funds account for 20% of the total investments, with the remaining 80% being borrowed from banks.


The facilities' breeding capacity amounts to 4,800 pigs each. The complexes are expected to reach their projected capacity by the end of 2013. The total output of pork from the facilities is seen at 37,500 tonnes.


Cherkizovo Group is one of Russia's largest meat processors. The group currently comprises seven meat processing plants, four poultry producing complexes, two poultry processing plants, seven pig farms, two feed plants, as well as two trading houses.

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