November 14, 2008


US research finds fast food origin in corn

A new research has found that most fast food could be traced back to a single ingredient – corn.

The biochemical makeup of fast food was analysed, and it was found that 100 percent and 93 percent of cows and chickens used in fast food had lived on exclusively corn-based diets.


This indicates the heavy use of corn in the US food supply chain.


Corn is not just a grain used in the production of fast food, it is the basis of all fast food, said research author A. Hope Jahren from the University of Hawaii.


Among the hundreds of fast food meals from Wendy's, McDonald's, and Burger King, only 12 servings of food could be traced back to something other than corn, said Jahren.


According to the study, US consumers spend more than US$100 billion per year on fast food.

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